Our Kefir

At KefirStore.com we share the real thing, not the dried culture starter. Our milk Kefir grains are grown in a natural, pesticide free environment, grown exclusively in store bought organic coconut milk, fresh and ready to ship for a small donation amount.
Recently we discovered that using organic coconut milk keeps the grains happier and it seems to be healthier than regular milk(regular milk carries lactose even after the fermentation process). It started as a family hobby (still a hobby today, we are not a company and we do not make a profit),when me and my family realized how our eating habits have been modified over the years and how they are negatively affecting our health. We engaged in shipping the grains for a reasonable donation amount in order to cover the shipping and handling costs, and milk to maintain the Kefir grains, as well as Website fees and maintenance. Me and my family would like to thank you for your support, it means a lot to us that you have taken some initiative and decided to start taking care of your health just like we did.
As you may know, naturally grown products are very difficult to find these days. This is why local products are experiencing an increase in consumers.I am sure independent local growers will also thank you for your strong support.
In the end, we are very confident that natural products will become a habit in the average consumer, and that their health will improve in a radical way.

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