If you want MILK kefir grains go here to buy now. And remember, extensive studies have found that ANIMAL MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS pose a RISK to your HEALTH. You can now use coconut milk instead of regular milk, and get a healthier drink!

If you want WATER Kefir grain (a healthy alternative with antioxidants and probiotics) go here to buy now.

Kefir grains
Please consider AVOIDING ANIMAL MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS as studies have found they pose HEALTH RISKS. You can use COCONUT MILK with your kefir grains instead, as it works perfectly fine and we have been growing them succesfully this way for years. To find out more about the dangers of using dairy products please read "The China Study", available here.

Read about the antioxidant powers of water kefir http://www.academia.edu/4844892/Journal_of_Microbiology_Biotechnology_and_Food_Sciences_ANTIOXIDANT_POTENCY_OF_WATER_KEFIR_Address_es_




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