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KefirStore.com is a family that shares their kefir grains. Our grains are kept in commercial organic coconut milk, and come from a rare Russian strain, very active, and you won't need a big quantity in order to produce some of the best Kefir out there. Kefir is similar to wine, some are better than others. Some people prefer quantity, we prefer quality. If you are looking for quantity, this is not the place. If you are looking for a rare diamond in the Kefir world, you just found it. We work hard to protect and preserve the natural state of the grains. Nature's treasures are invaluable and therefore we owe them the nourishment they deserve.

At KefirStore.com we take care of the grains and baby them to make them stronger and healthier.

Why Kefir?

Health benefits of Kefir

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History of Kefir

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. We are happy to share our grains with you today. As a family, our fees are used for shipping,handling and Kefir maintenance.

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